About Us

The Dorset Drinks Company – A unique blend of Dorset Cider, Dorset Mead and Dorset Spirits.

It all began seven years ago, with a glass of Cider and some good conversation with a good friend. The conversation prompted me to form Marshwood Vale Cider, I have been broke ever since.

Forward to the autumn of 2011, looking for an addition to Cider I began the Dorset Mead Co, back then it was just a part of Marshwood Vale Cider, it was not until 2016 I separated it out as a stand alone company.
May of 2017 whilst surfing the web, I spotted a rather nice copper pot still for sale, as I already had licences in place it was soon winging its way to me in Dorset, the humble beginnings of Gullivers Spirits.

The next logical step was to incorporate all three companies into one, hence The Dorset Drinks Company.